Chapter XIII: Elementum Spiritus (2/13)Mature

'I've been wondering...' Will said as they continued down the hallway, jokes aside. ' it...I mean, is it important?'

They both snickered, and Will's cheeks flamed. 'As important as it can possibly get,' said Tayna. 'Nobody likes to say it, but Spirit is the most mysterious - and powerful - of the Five. There are a lot of restrictions on it because of that, spirits lie in everything, people, animals, plants, everything. If the Twins worked at it, they could have some influence over our elements. But they don't, the strain to do it would likely kill them. In powers alone, they've been known to have advanced mind powers, and some of their ancestors have dabbled in the Forbidden Arts - necromancy, for one.'

Will felt a pang of worry. Would the Twins ever do something forbidden? His conclusion frightened him, yes, they would.

'Is there any way to...defend against them?'

Tayna looked at him warily. 'You should know it's absolutely forbidden for us to fight each other using our powers. The last time that happened, it resulted in a little something called the Days of Darkness. Ever heard of it?' Will rolled his eyes, swellhead Tayna was already getting on his nerves.

'But,' Andrel cut in, smiling mischievously, 'if you did need to defend yourself, the Spirit book ought to tell you -,'

'You're kidding, right?' asked Tayna incredulously, 'that's even more forbidden. Nobody looks at an Elemental's codex except the Elemental themselves. There are enchantments on them, and it's treason if you're caught!'

'Technically,' Andrel smiled, 'you and Will are royals, you can't commit treason over your own family -,'

Tayna looked at them both angrily, grabbing them by their arms and pulling them out of the surge of students. 'You can't be considering this,' she said as one would to miscreants. 'There are other ways to deal with the Twins without delving into their ancestor's private history.'

'If we don't find at least one weakness,' argued Andrel, 'what do we do when they challenge us again like they did the other day? Just hope that they'll back down again. They were going to attack, you know it, Tayna. We were lucky, it might not last.' He turned away from her to Will, 'if you want to check it out, their book is in the Elemental section of the library -,'

'Andrel!' Tayna fumed, an infuriated 'V' forming between her brow. 

'You think there's a weakness in there?' asked Will,

'Willow!' He looked at Tayna with a don't-full-name-me warning.

'It's worth a shot,' nodded Andrel, and as they smiled at each other, sealing their plan, Tayna grunted with pent-up frustration.

'Ugh, I give up!'

Andrel turned to Tayna with mock surprise, 'did you say something, Tayna?' 

She clenched her fists tightly, made a dismissing 'hmph' and led the way to the classroom, simmering quietly about treason and why she bothered trying.

The End

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