Chapter XII: The Witches and the Ward (8/8)Mature

Positioning himself correctly whilst trying to look interested like the rest of the class, Andrel pointed his wand at a guard and, speaking in his soft, magickal voice whilst covering his mouth, he whispered, 'dispergerem.' 

A spark of white light shot up into the armour, rattling it before popping off the guard's helmet. The rest of it crumpled into disassembled pieces on the floor. The second guard became a victim of Tayna's sylph spell, dented in places by severe force, impacting like the punches of an invisible gang. Everybody in the room was distracted, Bosrold included, and Will took the chance to dart for his satchel. However, just as he grabbed the strap, Bosrold pointed at him and murmured an incantation. Will felt himself shoved off of his feet, landing in the sea of bags, luckily breaking his fall.

'What's the hurry?' Bosrold shouted, his eyes shining. 'Tenere!' As Will struggled to stand up, his legs were suddenly bound by the handles and straps of the surrounding bags, holding him down like leather snakes.

'Cargil!' shouted Conway, looking shocked. 'What in the blazes are you doing? Do you know who you're restraining? That's -,'

'I am well aware,' Bosrold said curtly. 'However, in this case, he is nothing but a hindrance to me. The Royal Ten wish to be treated equally, this is how I intend to treat them.' Will watched helpless as Bosrold grabbed his satchel, reached into the main pocket, and pulled out his hand with Anala struggling within it.

'Got you,' he said victoriously. Meanwhile, Tayna raced forward, pointing her wand at the straps binding Will five times around each leg. 'Secare,' she said, and the straps were sliced in a neat line, freeing him.

'It seems you thought you could hide her,' mused Bosrold, looking smugly at them. 'You are all rather foolish. You do not seem to know what is best for this girl.'

'And you do?' snapped Tayna, clamping her hand over her mouth in surprise at what she'd said. 

'Believe it or not, yes.' Suddenly, Bosrold yelled out in pain, Anala had bitten him with all of her strength, and blood oozed down his thumb in a scarlet trail. He released her instinctively, and she fell to the floor, recovering after a moment and scurrying towards the door. Bosrold shook his hand, and narrowing his eyes hatefully on the mouse trying to escape, shouted 'delustro!' 

Anala quickly enlarged, clothes and flesh sprouting in the place of small hairs, her curls unravelling like a veil from her head. Returned to magus form, she sat slumped in surprise before coming to her senses and trying to run. She leapt forward, reaching for the door handle, but the unattached gauntlet of the guard wrapped its metal fingers over her ankle. She fell forward, her chin hitting the door with a wooden bang. Bosrold strode forward and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her to her feet.

'You must stop this!' he shouted imploringly. 'Why must you act so recklessly?'

Suddenly, Anala's expression changed in front of them from fear to cool confidence. She turned to Bosrold with glinting eyes. 'Boredom,' she answered smoothly. Bosrold's eyes burnt furiously.

'I am running out of options to teach you control,' he hissed, 'do not push me, Anala!'

'Do it,' she said coldly, straightening proudly and fearlessly 'just try and control me, I'll show you -,' suddenly, Bosrold pressed a hand over her eyes and said in his deep, magickal voice, 'somnum.' Her body went limp, falling into his arms as her eyes closed in sleep. Looking uncomfortable with her against him, Bosrold passed her to a guard, who lifted her over his plated shoulder. They turned to leave the room nonchalantly, ignoring the looks of shock in the room.

Tayna stepped forward, 'you can't do this!' she protested, 'she's the principal's ward!'Bosrold turned to her, his face void of reverence or care.

'I am well aware of her status,' he said impassively. 'Such is the reason she moves me to these actions.' He followed behind the guards through the door, 'fear not,' he added, 'she will be returned to you shortly. I thank you for your co-operation, Alcander.' He clicked his fingers, and the doors slammed shut behind them, leaving the room silent and still.

Moments later, the opposite doors opened, and in strode the Twins. They practically tossed their excuse notices into Conway's hand, heading straight towards Will, Tayna and Andrel, who stared at the disbelievingly.

'Like I said,' said Marinia, smiling happily, 'too many weaknesses.' Will's eyes widened as something shot forth from the side pocket of Will's satchel, landing in Marinia's hand -it was her eye. She brushed her fringe aside to show the bruised, veined area surrounding her empty eye socket, and pressed it back into place. With that same eye, she winked at him as they both strode past them into the room.

'They sold Anala out,' Tayna said, breathless with disbelief. 'They planted a Spy-Eye and saw everything.' 

Instead of sorrow and confusion, Will felt anger building in him stronger than he thought he could feel. Anala had been the sacrifice in the Twins' revenge against him, all because he didn't give them the respect they thought they deserved. They were heartless, manipulative, arrogant, and worst of all - proud of it.

The End

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