Chapter XII: The Witches and the Ward (7/8)Mature

Cargil Bosrold was a menacing man who seemed to spread an aura of malice and danger to those unlucky enough to be in range. Framed by thin, dark brows, his eyes were cold and dark, they scanned the room with implacable rage. He was completely bald, his face thin and his cheekbones defined alongside a straight nose and pale lips. A scraggly black goatee hung from his chin, he wore a dark shirt, trousers and a billowing robe, his only decoration was a bootlace tie with a silver 'S' ornament.

Either side of him stood two unusual armoured guards, their shells were obsidian black rather than silver, the eyes shining through the gridded visors red instead of white. The three figures marched forward to the middle of the room, and Bosrold eyed Professor Conway threateningly.

'Alcander,' he said smoothly. Conway looked displeased at the informal address in front of the class, causing Bosrold's lips to tilt in a tiny smirk. 'I seek Miss Paradam. She has run off once again, and I have information to suggest one of your students is assisting her.'

'I am sure that is preposterous,' said Conway flatly and adamantly. 'I would have appreciated you not bombarding into my class, Cargil.' He narrowed his eyes with equal maleficence, the tension crackled between the two teachers, feeling like needles on the children's skin. Will tensed, pulling himself up and joining the gathering crowd to his left, besides Tayna and Andrel. They looked at each other with worry, their eyes sliding to the satchel in the corner. 'Besides,' Conway continued, 'I can assure you that I registered the class, there was not a single extra -,'

'You are foolish to believe she would be in magus form,' Bosrold snapped. 'I will have you know that Anala Paradam is already a Level 'T' Shifter, very advanced for her age. It is as of yet undetermined for how long, but it means she could be in any form -,'

'I know what it means, Cargil,' said Conway curtly, his eyes hooded and hateful. 'Have you forgotten that I have been here just as long, and I am far more learned in Eastern ways than you?' 

'Have you forgotten that I was personally appointed by the principal to oversee Miss Paradam's safety? It is my duty to keep her out of trouble and make sure she is not the cause of it. May I also remind you of my position as vice-principal, and yours as a security guard?' Bosrold took a brave step forwards, despite the fact that Conway did not look like one to be bothered. 'If you stand in my way of handling her, I will deal with you appropriately.'

Keeping his cold eyes firmly on Professor Conway, Bosrold nodded quickly, and the two guards moved towards the sea of bags in the corner of the room. 'A bag search will clear any suspicions, unless you object, Alcander.' 

He looked at his students, they all stood huddled together, the exhilaration of the duelling matches begin to fade, replaced by fear and confusion. Will glanced at his satchel worriedly, they were going to find Anala. He had been unsure of Bosrold from the beginning, but upon seeing him, could justify Anala's terror. If I'm any kind of friend to her, I'll help her, he thought.

Just then, Tayna gripped Will's arm and whispered, 'I have an idea. We'll distract Bosrold, whilst you get Anala out of here. Okay?' He thought quickly and nodded, watching as they both moved to the end of the crowd, holding their wands secretively at their sides.

The End

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