Chapter XII: The Witches and the Ward (2/8)Mature

'I started to think that something was wrong when you attacked Andrel,' Tayna explained calmly. 'We know that you didn't mean it, but to lose control like that is strange. There's also the issue of your natura magica. If you've only been using magick for a week or so, it shouldn't be that potent.'

'But wait,' Will interjected, 'I thought you said that happened to all of us?'

'Losing control? Yes, of course we do. We either become emotional and our magick goes awry, or we try to use too much power at once and lose control. As Elementals, our magick is stronger, but that still doesn't explain your outbursts. It was a simple repelling charm that you blew out of proportion, and as for your natura magica, you'd never heard of it before, so how could you possibly have known what you were doing?'

They were good points, ones that Will couldn't respond to, he didn't understand anything of what was happening to him. 'I just hope I get control of it soon,' he mumbled.

'My mum used to say that in the beginning, magick's like a bottle of champagne,' said Andrel. 'When you first unlock it, it spills out, but after a while it calms down and you can control the outlet and use it whenever you want.'

Time, that was what Andrel was saying. Give it time, but did Will have enough time? What could happen in the time it took for him to gain control, how many others would be hurt? He felt completely out-of-sorts with his powers, scared stiff about it. The only thing that gave him piece of mind was that voice, the one that had guided him in the water...the female voice.

'Tayna...' Will asked nervously, aware of how ludicrous what he was about to say was, 'when you spellcast, do you ever hear...voices?'

'Not since my last trip to the councillor,' she replied sarcastically, but her smile dropped when she realised how serious he was. 'Do you mean it? Are you hearing voices?'

'It - it doesn't matter.' She'd only laugh.

'Tell me, Will,' she ushered. 'What's the matter?' He looked up at her again, she looked sympathetic and concerned. 'I promise to take it seriously.'

'It's just that...both times my magick went out of control, in Almara's class and in front of the kappa, there was this voice. I can't really explain it, it felt like somebody was standing next to me whispering in my ear, telling me what to do, but it was all in my head.'

'It could just be your sub-conscious,' she said as if she'd already decided she was right. 'If you were nervous about using magick, it could have been a way of consoling yourself.'

'Maybe,' he murmured, though he didn't think it was true. The voice wasn't even him, it was female, and it was smart...


Before Will could think on it any more, a strange shrieking noise perforated the calm quiet, echoing through the shaft. With urgent speed, in swept a raven, its talons extended out to land or perch. It flew towards the table, trying to latch onto the top of a chair, but mistimed its landing, skidding clumsily across and off the table, transforming into a crumple of fabric as it travelled. It transformed just in time as it fell from the table, and Anala landed on her feet, frantically throwing her cloak back from her head and shaking her head to gather her sorts.

Her gaze went straight to Will, Tayna and Andrel and approached them with fear in her eyes. She was wearing a belted pink dress and her ebony hair was smoothly combed, resting perfectly on her shoulders, but there was wild, insurmountable fear in her eyes as she cried,

'You have to help me!'

The End

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