Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (14/14)Mature

'Why so upset?' asked Marinia, her voice wispy and taunting. 'He's where he belongs after all, at our feet.' 

'I'll never understand why you associate yourselves with such low-lives,' said Valda, her voice lowered so the crowd couldn't here her speak so derogatorily. 'They just make you look bad.'

'From where I'm standing,' Tayna said smoothly, 'you're the ones who look bad.'

'You should have said yes,' said Marinia, looking at Will. 'We could have rocked your world.'

'I'm good, thanks,' Will retorted, chuckles echoed around the room. Marinia jerked her head from side to side, and the sound died instantly. Her hair was wild, framing her face with black tendrils, her fringe casting long shadows over her eyes.

'Oh,' her full lips formed the sound softly, and she said in a near-whisper, 'you'll regret that.' Marinia turned back to Tayna, gesturing with her wand to Andrel. 'You'repathetic, Tayna,' she hissed. 'A real princess wouldn't surround herself with such blatant weaknesses.'

'You wouldn't know a real princess if she jumped up your ass,' retorted Andrel, his expression sour. More of the children gasped and giggled, Will looked around as he felt the dangerous tension in the air - where was a professor when they needed one? 

Valda's mouth twitched angrily, 'you'll regret that -,' she pointed her wand to Andrel, but before anything could happen, Sayara shouted out 'stop!' Her voice was worried and tense, she looked at Tayna pleadingly to resolve the problem.

Tayna took a gentle step closer to Marinia so that their bodies were nearly touching. She looked at her entreatingly, her expression serene and even. 'The last thing I want is for them to see the royal families fighting. For the sake of us all. Back. Off.' 

Marinia looked around the room, at the children anticipating her move, in the sea of faces, she found the other Elementals. Silex gave her a quick, adamant nod, and she sighed, the breath on the hollow of Tayna's neck making her shiver.

Guarded, she began to lower her wand, as did the other five, making sure that none was higher than the other, slotting them into belts, pockets and waistbands. Marinia and Tayna took steps back at the same time, Tayna pressed beside Will and Marinia to her sister.

'You've made a big mistake,' said Marinia with finality, and clasping her sister's hand delicately, they both turned and strutted away down the aisle, leaving the children staring at the Elementals, and they at each other.

The End

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