Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (13/14)Mature

She stood up, alerting the Twins to their location, and as they quickly approached, Tayna moved from her chair in front of Will, barricading him from sight. The Twins stopped in front of her, regarding her like a weak barrier, keeping them from their target. Will stood, opening his mouth to answer, but Tayna swivelled and pressed him back, a hand placed gingerly on his chest. 'You two really overdo it sometimes, did you know that?'

'Like we care,' snapped Valda, 'it's our right, isn't it? We can -,' Marinia ceased her words with a hand gesture to match Tayna's, they stared at each other with malice like it was a private confrontation between them.

Marinia glanced behind Tayna to Will, her lips tilted up in a smile. 'How's your face, Will?' she asked, her eyes blazing coquettishly.

Words slipped from his mouth like they weren't his own. 'Better than yours.'  He'd spoken loud enough for many in the hall to hear, gasps and murmurs echoed in the crowd, interested smiles on their faces. Tayna's fingers flexed on his chest, squeezing his shirt tightly, he could see she was puckering her lips, trying to stop herself from laughing. She looked at him as if silently congratulating him.

Marinia looked demented, her eyes almost black like a raging, crackling storm. Her nostrils flared, and her eyebrows knotted together with hatred. She took a confident step forward, looking over Tayna's shoulder at him. 'Just because you rejected me, doesn't mean you can underestimate me,' she said darkly, 'or worse, disrespect me.'

'If you're here to fight -,' began Tayna, but Valda cut in.

'We don't fight,' she said matter-of-factly, raising her wand over Marinia's shoulder and grinning maleficently. 'We get even.' Her sister smiled, she raised her wands and pointed it at Will, the tip an inch away. She opened her mouth like the incantation was tingling on her lips, but at the last moment, she twisted her wrist to Tayna's other shoulder and she mouthed a spell. Her eyes shone, shining amethyst, a hot, white spark hitting Andrel on the chest, sending him other on his chair, shouting loudly as his back slammed against the floor. Tayna's lips parted aghast, her eyes widened in fear as Laguna and Sayara launched from their seats to help him up. In an instant, Tayna's wand was drawn from her waistband, held upright beneath Marinia's chin. She drove it upwards between her jawbone, Marinia swallowed uncomfortably but didn't recede. Moments later, Sayara and Laguna drew their wands whilst Andrel sat out, her face scrunched in pain as he rubbed his tailbone. Will was the last to draw, tightening his hand around the sculpted handle and pulling it from his belt, he hoped with all he had that he wouldn't be forced to use it.

The End

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