Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (12/14)Mature

They made it down the staircase in the Whiteas building and out into the courtyard towards the dining hall. 

'I still can't believe the Twins said that,' contemplated Tayna as the sparkling waters of the fountain poured loudly. 'It's just...freaky.' 

'I feel sorry for you,' said Andrel, 'odds are, I couldn't resist them if they threw themselves at me like that. They remind me of kri-kri fruits, delicious-looking on the outside, but once you take a bite, it tastes like tripe.'

'You made the right decision though,' said Tayna, smiling blithely at him. 'We clearly haven't driven you insane yet.'

'Give it time,' said Andrel, and they all laughed together.

They reached the dining hall and took their place at a nearby Draíochta table, where Laguna and Sayara were already sitting. They dove into their meals together, a selection of tender meats and roasting vegetables, alongside pungent sauces and dips of all different flavours. For dessert, there were bowls of a sticky, bright pink substance, pips swirled inside -raspberry treacle,one of the most delicious things Will had ever tasted.

They were finishing up their meal happily when the grand doors opened with a ridiculously strong force, squeaking against the floor in not having been opened for a long time. It caught everybody's attention, the sound was horrible to the ears, and Will looked down the aisle and saw with surprise that it was Marinia and Valda. In moments, he felt their oppressive power flood the room, their wands were held in front, smoking from the tips.

'Avaric!' Marinia bellowed, striding down the aisle, looking around the hall with furious eyes for him. Valda followed at her side, their hips swaying in identical strides, their hair prickling with fury.

Tayna rolled her eyes and gave a weary sigh. 'They do like a make a scene.' 

The End

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