Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (11/14)Mature

'I'm beginning to think you're planning on moving in, Mr Avaric,' said Matron, taking a cotton swab and stroking it against the crescent-shaped markings on Will's cheeks. He and Andrel had returned to the commonroom, and immediately forgetting her and Andrel's argument, Tayna ordered him up to the infirmary, again. 

'Me too,' he murmured, sitting on the high mattress with Andrel sitting beside him and Tayna standing next to Matron, her arms crossed, observing his cuts chidingly.

'I don't care what you say, Will,' she snapped, her eyes narrowed. 'The cuts could have gone septic, what then? It's not like we can let your face fall off.'

Matron smiled at their conversation, scooping antiseptic cream onto her finger and dabbing Will's cheek with it. 'That's highly unlikely, it's just a graze,' she said softly, her voice seeming unable to go high. 'Still, I commend you on your concern for your friends, Lady Ilmatar. But rest assured, the immune systems of Elementals are more than capable of dealing with this.'

'You say that as if they'll never be sick,' mused Andrel,

'Well, they won't,' Matron said matter-of-factly, smudging the cream across the inflamed area with her thumb. Will seethed as he felt it working, and Andrel cocked an eyebrow in surprise. 'The body can fight off infection, quite well, and for magi, it's even better. Elementals, however, we estimate that they heal nearly five times faster.' She pulled her hand away from Will's face and smiled. 'Ah, see for yourself.'

Matron held up a small hand mirror and showed Will his reflection. Though his cheek was inflamed, there were no longer deep, red nail marks. Will smiled, feeling that it was searing hot, but healed.

'Awesome,' breathed Andrel, Tayna glanced at him in a moment of sadness. Will remembered what she'd said to him, you don't understand, you'll never understand...As of yet, Will couldn't see a problem with his new ability.

'Have I always healed like this?' Will asked, keeping his tone light, though in his mind he was reliving the agony of his bones breaking in Vincula. He'd healed then, but he'd had no idea how it was possible. Had it just been a matter of powerful blood?

'Regeneration in young magi tends to get stronger once you've tapped into your magick,' said Matron, wiping the cream from her fingers onto her pinafore, slipping the shallow pot into the main pocket. 'I have no doubt it will only increase as you progress, Mr Avaric.' She smiled at him, gesturing that he could slip off of the bed. She put her hand on her hip and said, amused, 'now, promise me it'll be at least a month before I see you again, or I might be inclined to get you your own cubicle.' Will grinned as he walked away with his friends either side of him.

The End

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