Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (8/14)Mature

The class arrived back in the commonroom shortly past eleven, buzzing about the Alchemy lesson and eager to display their created items on the mantelpiece. They varied in strangeness, from a carved deity statue to a pure cotton sock. Unsurprisingly, the class couldn't stop talking about Will's group and the attention they'd gained from Alkimia. Everybody seemed happy with their renown professor.

Everybody except Tayna.

She had grumbled all the way back to the commonroom about Alkimia's "suspicious" enthusiasm, and by the time they all dropped their bags by the fireplace, Andrel had had enough.

'Enough,' he said sharply. 'I'm fed up of all of your complaining, Tayna. Why can't you accept that he's a good teacher. He's a research alchemist, not an axe-wielding mass murderer!'

Tayna scowled back at him, though hurt remained in her eyes. 'He deals withchrysopoeia, that means all he cares about is one thing; gold. You saw the way he reacted to the ring, I wouldn't be surprised if he thought the stone wasthestone.' She held up her wedding finger to point at the ring. 'He looked like a lovesick fool over it!'

'He was probably amazed that you could do something like that,' he retorted. 'I heard not even the fourth formers have found a stable transmutation equation. You should be proud, Tayna.'

'Oh, well I'm sorry,' she retorted sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and Andrel's nose scrunched in irritation. 'He'll just have to get used to it. Face it, me, Will and the others, we'll always be cursed to excel -,'

'Cursed?' Andrel exclaimed, their argument now catching the attention of all of the commonroom. 'Of course, I can imagine it. "I'm Tayna, I hate being better and having special treatment," ' he said in a high-pitched, mocking voice. 'I get everything I want and I never get in trouble. Boo hoo!'

Tayna balled her fists and her eyes darkened. 'You don't understand,' she murmured angrily, 'you'll never understand...'

Andrel made a melodramatic flourish, shaking his hands erratically and making a loud, exasperated noise. He span around, tossed his satchel over his shoulder and pushed past Laguna, who was trying to calm the situation, towards the dormitory.

'And I sound NOTHING like that!' Tayna added, her eyes fiery with rage. She stomped around, glaring at anybody who gave her a strange look, and fell back wearily onto the sofa.

The End

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