Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (7/14)Mature

When the light died away, they all grinned. In the centre was a ring, perfect shining silver, turquoise crystals bound in the twisting metal. Professor Alkimia pushed through the crowd, his mouth agape in wonder, his eyes shining with glee.

'You - you've mastered the transmutation art in one lesson...' he said, his voice low with disbelief. 'Simply astounding...' His hands shook as he reached for the ring and slipped it around his finger. Suddenly, he made a fist and slammed it on the desk, the ring facing down. There was a short ringing sound, but when Alkimia lifted his hand, the crystals shone unbroken, the metal unbent.

'It's real!' he exclaimed. Tayna's eyes narrowed in insult as Alkimia returned the ring to Will, still feeling warm in his palm. He looked at it triumphantly, it seemed flawless, and his chest swelled with pride.

He turned to Tayna. 'Here,' he said, passing her the ring, 'you have it. I'm sure it doesn't match my skin tone, or something like that.' Tayna's cheeks flushed and happily said 'thank you.' She took the ring and slipped it perfectly on her finger.

Alkimia dismissed them in a murmuring tone, the class left him frantically tossing alchemical guides out of the cabinets, rifling through them with a determination close to madness.

The End

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