Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (6/14)Mature

Sayara giggled again.

'True. Oh, that's Abrecan Procella, a Storm sprite. The one with the scar.'

The boy beside Pyrus had black hair cut to his shoulders, and eyes grey like angry clouds. On the left side of his face, from his forehead, across his eye - which was darker than the other - and to his lip, was a thin, white scar, which in no way made him less handsome. 

'Who scarred him?' Will asked.

'Himself,' said Tayna, cutting in. She had broken chanting with Laguna to join in. 'He experimented with natura magica when he was young, he lost control, and that was what he escaped with. See? told you it was dangerous.'

'I'm just surprised he didn't go brown and crispy,' chortled Andrel, etching symbols of an unknown language into the circle.

'He'll tell you he got it in an epic battle though,' added Sayara, 'he likes to show off. Now...who else is there? Aha.' She pointed to the final two at the table, those she identified as Silex Dralmore, the Ice sprite, and Calain Eldnor, the Magick sprite. Silex had a no-nonsense haircut, highlighting his chiselled features. His eyes were grey also, his skin smooth and his muscles hard like a marble statue. He was broad, muscular opposed to overweight, unlike Calain, who looked insignificant in comparison. He was clearly short even when they all sat, with his neat, brown hair and turquoise eyes, wedged between Silex and Pyrus, he looked like a little boy who had accidentally wandered into a men's club.

'So...' surmised Will, doing his best to understand the system of the Elementals. 'Abrecan is a Storm sprite, so he's Bonded with Tayna, Silex with Laguna and Calain with...'

'Pyrus,' said Sayara, answering Will's look of confusion with another shrug. 'It's odd, I know. A long time ago, magick was identified as most like fire, the way it flares up with our emotions and can go out of control so easily. There were a lot of problems, especially seeing as Eldnor's ancestors were lost until a few years ago.'


'Mmm-hmm. There's a story about how each of the descendants were found, but Eldnor's never was. Then, Calain was born, the first boy in a long line of girls. It was odd, and when they looked into it, somehow they realised that he was prophesised as Eldnor's descendant. There was a hubbub about creating a tenth throne again, a lot of people still don't accept the Eldnors as a "respected" family, seeing as they've been off the grid for so long.' Will couldn't help but notice her glance at the Twins as she said this.

Suddenly, Andrel finished the final stroke on the complicated circle, and the lines began to glow bright blue. Around the room, the circles on other tables followed.

'Wonderful!' said Alkimia, clapping his hands together cheerfully. 'Now, begin the"albedo" phase, and remember it is explosive.' His eyes darted to Pyrus, whose burning bowl was billowing black smoke.

'What's "albedo?"' Will asked. In answer, Tayna pulled a bottle of clear liquid from the tray, labelled: Aqua Vitae.

'It's when we purify the ingredients with this,' Tayna explained,

'Which is?'

'Alcohol,' grinned Andrel, 'glorious alcohol,'

Tayna rolled her eyes. 'It's also so concentrated that you could die.' Andrel batted his hand dismissively. Tayna pulled her wand from her waistband and muttered an enchantment. Clear liquid oozed from the tip, dripping on the table and encircling the circle before rising up to form a dome. A small hole was left in the top, allowing Sayara to place the bowl of powdered ingredients inside.

'Brace yourselves,' warned Laguna as Andrel uncorked the bottle. Everybody scooted their chairs back slightly, making sure their goggles were tightly over their eyes. Tensely, Andrel dribbled the aqua vitae through the hole, the moment it touched the powder, there was a terrifying bang. An explosion erupted, but fire and smoke was held safely within the enchantment. As the dark smoke hid the circle's contents, Tayna and Laguna began their chant.

'We call upon Sophia's might, to form this item using Light. Cleansed with water, formed with fire, transformed into our mind's desire. Born from earth with the breath of wind, by Spirit's command, your form we bind.'

Light shone like a new star from the centre of the billowing smoke. It emanated a beautiful humming sound, which resonated from the other circles when they completed their chants. The smoke began to curl, the group watched as it seemed to absorb into the glowing light. When the smoke cleared, the shield fell down, and the new object was left burning white hot. Though the other groups had created their items, the class gathered around Will's table to see.

The End

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