Chapter XI: Spiritual Trickery (3/14)Mature

With issues officially dealt with, Will felt the atmosphere resume to that of friendship. Andrel was recapped on the night's events, led down on the sofa with Tayna, heads to feet.

'So I guess animas do exist,' mused Tayna. 'I always thought they were around, it's difficult to tell though, their physical forms are very convincing. But I'm sure that if you'd touched Eirian, he'd have disappeared or dissolved.'

'You say that as if it's normal around here,' said Will. "Memory-walking", as Tayna had named it, had proved valuable, but had left him with a thumping headache. 

'Maybe not the talking peryton thing,' said Andrel, 'but there are spirits all around us.' As she spoke, she playfully tried to smother Andrel with her foot. 'All we are, essentially, is energy. Mana, magickal vessels, whatever you want to call us, and with so many of us here, I guess it's like a beacon to draw spirits to us, we're more in tune with the spiritual world than humans, there's a bigger chance they'll be heard.'

'So,' said Andrel, retaliating by shoving his foot back in her face, to which she made a gagging noise and rolled off of the sofa. He grinned down at her as she backhanded him on the thigh. 'In synopsis,' he continued, 'yes, it happens a lot.' 

Tayna re-positioned herself on the sofa, and the conversation shifted to Vigilo and Conway. 'I thought he would get angry,' said Will, 'but he was really...casual.' 

'I'm not surprised,' said Andrel. 'Conway's never seemed to care what students do, which is odd for somebody in charge of security. He's probably too busy colour coordinating his socks with his cravats. It's an abuse of power, I suppose.' Andrel's eyes turned dreamy. 'Imagine the possibilities if had that sort of power.'

'I shiver to think,' murmured Tayna, and they sat discussing Andrel's previous pranks, which had had him "almost" many things on several occasions, including killed, suspended and impaled. 

After break time, the students conglomerated and headed to Alchemy together. They crossed the courtyard into the Whiteas building, finding their way through the corridors to the third floor and their correct classroom. In Will's few Alchemy lessons, he'd experienced what Andrel had put up with for a year longer, Tayna's sententious opinions.

Now, they were directed towards Professor Alkimia, his methods of experimenting and lustful quest for gold.

'He is wrong,' she said bitterly as they lined up waiting in the corridor. 'Everything about him is messed up.' 

'That's harsh, Tay',' scowled Andrel, 'you formed your belief on rumours. How do you know that's what actually happened?'

'Because I can read people well,' she retorted, 'and there's that look in his eyes, as if he's assigning price-tags to everything around him -,'

'Hello class!' Alkimia said, cheerfully opening the door, 'please, come in!' As they herded in, the teacher said a special hello to the Elementals. 'An absolute pleasure to see you all again.'

As they took their seats, Will could have sworn he heard Tayna finish her sentence grumpily. 'Including me.' 

The End

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