Chapter X: Turning Back (10/12)Mature

'No!' Will screeched, but it was too late. The boy's life blood stained the grass, uttering a quiet, dying gurgle in his unconscious state before falling still. Wilhelmina was quickly upon Will, grabbing his collar and tugging his eyes to her level.

'He was a liability!' she said through gritted, furious teeth. 'If he had woken and told his tale, we would both be executed. You will not die like that, understand? This was a gang fight, an accident, there were no other witnesses. No magick involved whatsoever.'

'Ma - magick?' Will whispered in wonder. Me? I have...I have magick? 

Suddenly, he felt something wet against his hand, he and Wilhelmina stood and saw the black dog nuzzling him, pulling itself along on its rump with crippled legs and licking him affectionately. 'I should kill it out of mercy,' hissed Wilhelmina, raising the bloodied knife to the animal.

'No!' Will yelled, reflexively grabbing her wrist and stopping her. She scowled at him expectantly, and he stroked the dog's head, and when he touched the head wound, he felt a stinging at his fingertips. The dog whimpered, bowing its head fearfully, but seconds later, it looked up. Miraculously, it raised itself onto its legs, newly healed, its skin forming over its wound like new. Its eyes ceased to bleed, yet did not open, it was still blind. From his efforts, Will's legs grew weak and fell towards the ground. 

Wilhelmina caught him, falling to the ground and positioning him so that his head rested against her arm, sitting on her lap. It was the most affection he had ever seen from her. She brushed his hair from his face, crusted with blood, and looked deeply into his eyes, their faces close.

'When you wake tomorrow, you won't remember this. You won't ask questions, everything will go back to normal,' she said, her voice soothing, becoming what she would call her magickal voice. 'So mote it be.' Will's eyes shot open wide, an icy feeling seizing his body, he relaxed into the strange emptiness of her beady eyes.

She eased him off of her uncomfortably, standing above him. He sat, swaying in a daze as her magick took effect. She picked up the lantern and began to descend down the hillside. 'I'm sorry,' Will murmured, his last words before his traumatic memories were locked within his mind, and he was left confused on a hillside he perceived to be empty.

'I'm sorry too...' Wilhelmina murmured, words that she wanted nobody to hear. 'I'm sorry for what you are.' Moments later, Will would scramble up and follow after his guardian, unaware of the blood soaking him or the bodies lying around, his head throbbing as tears fell unexplained from his eyes.

The End

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