Chapter X: Turning Back (9/12)Mature

On the ground, the balding boy, whose name was Tadc, stirred, the impressions on his neck aching beyond belief. He didn't know what had happened, just that he was looking up at the corpse of his friend Dunn. 

Anger boiled inside him. Ignoring his inability to breathe properly, he pulled himself up on his elbows and turned around. The boy was crumpled, sobbing on the ground, howling in sorrow, his clothes torn and hanging off of him, crusted blood around his lips and chin. Tadc was overcome with bloodlust, in that moment he wanted nothing more than to crush the boy's head between his fingers. He took a few, ragged breaths, feeling as if claws were tearing into his windpipe.

Slowly, he stood, with his chest shaking and the boy unaware, he broke into a stumbling run. As he neared closer, the boy still had no idea what was coming, Tadc's face broke in a grin, he would enjoy this.

But with his arms outstretched murderously,  he felt a strange sensation, like the air was growing thick and difficult to inhale. He was unprepared when the boy's head jerked up, his eyes magnificently glowing once more. Tadc was lifted into the air, over the boy's head, flipping in the process, and landing on the wall.

Will turned around, tears mingling with his blood and dripping down his cheeks. His gaze fell onto the iron spike which had impaled Tadc upon the wall at the chest. He gurgled, blood crawling from the corner of his mouth, deep scarlet, shining silver in the moonlight, his face frozen with eyes wide in shock, the ghost of a bloodthirsty smile on his lips.

'No...' Will trembled, his arms shaking as he brought his hands over his eyes, wanting to scratch them out so he couldn't look. Eventually, Tadc's head rolled to the side, eyes unblinking and chest still.

'What have you done?' gasped a voice behind him, thick with terror and anger. Will's head shot up and he turned, breaking out from his curled, foetal position. Wilhelmina stood above Dunn's corpse, an oil lantern casting harsh shadows on their faces, his eyes wide with fear, her face hard and void of emotionless. Her eyes were empty of sympathy as she regarded him, Will felt like his heart had fallen from his chest, he wanted to run and cry into his arms, but it wasn't allowed.

'I - I -,' he stuttered, knowing that he looked a state, covered in blood, all his own, around one injured and two dead boys.

'You killed them,' the troll said sharply. 

'It was an accident!' he exclaimed, desperate for her to believe him. 'I don't know what hap -,'

'Do you know what you've just done?' she said condescendingly. 'Did anybody see you?' Her questions were frantic, her mind racing with possible solutions.

Will glanced to the third boy, still alive. 'He - he -,' his voice shook with shock, but he felt relief in his gut. There was a flicker of life amongst the caliginous events of the night.

'He is a threat,' said Wilhelmina, sounding grave. Before Will could stop her, she set the lamp down and performed the deed. She pulled a flint knife from her pocket, whispering the blessing words 'di dimitte' before proceeding to slash the boy's throat.

The End

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