Chapter X: Turning Back (8/12)Mature

'Willow...' the voice whispered to him as gentle as a breath, not just in his ears, but from everywhere. 'Get up...'

I can't.

'It's alright,'re alright...' Suddenly, he felt feeling enervate his arm. Iron spikes slanted inwards along the wall, and Will grabbed hold of one, trying to pull himself up. His legs were numb, and the lift felt like it had dislocated his shoulder. He was broken everywhere, he knew it, so how could he still move? 

The boys had noticed his movements. 'You want another lesson?' the bald boy spat, not hiding his surprise.

               ‘You can do it...' the voice whispered again, 'trust me...’ With those words, he felt a strange feeling in his stomach, like a large ball was inflating within him, full of power and strength. He clenched the iron spike tightly, his other arm felt revitalised of energy, he took hold of another with this hand, and he felt his socket click together in his shoulder. Just when he thought his legs were broken, he gained footing, his leg straightening as he wrapped his whole arm around the spike and pulled.

                ‘Look at that, Dunn, he’s back for more!’ jeered the long haired boy to the tallest.

Dunn whistled beckoningly, ‘come on, you can do it!’ They all broke out in laughter, meanwhile, Will could feel the strength returning to his legs. He didn’t know how he was healing so miraculously, but he didn’t care, he was determined to fight back. When he eventually stood, his fists were clenched and his head was down, a cut to his forehead bleeding down the side of his face and onto the grass. Surprise crossed the faces of the boys.

                ‘Is that it?' spat the balding boy. 'If you think we’re going to let you walk away -,’ he choked on his words, bringing his hands to his throat as an invisible hand closed on him with the strength of a garrotte.

The other two boys followed, their eyes widened and they spluttered helplessly.

                ‘What – what is this?’ gasped Dunn,

Then Will spoke, but in a voice deeper and not his own, one that made the air tremble with its strength.

‘You hurt my friend, that was very, very silly.’ The force on their throats tightened, they all gasped in pain together. ‘You will know the pain that you give out, I will make you suffer.’ Will looked up at them, his eyes were shining with beautiful, white light, and the air around him began to quiver. The three boys were lifted into the air as the grasp of the invisible hands became tighter, ‘let the Being have mercy in your next life. So mote it be.’

                ‘,’ were the final words that Dunn spoke before his neck snapped in half and he fell limp, floating in the air.

Suddenly, Will shook his head and spoke again, his eyes fading back to hazel, his voice quivering normally. 'No...I don't want this...STOP!'

On his command, the grip on the boys began to loosen, but not before a huge force threw them across the grass a couple of metres away. Dunn’s body contorted sickly, his eyes open in shock, while the remaining two boys gasped for breath and seemed to fall unconscious. Will collapsed to his knees, pressing his hands to his face. His eyes felt sore and his throat was parched, but more than that – his mind was buzzing with what had just happened, with what he’d just felt – and at what he’d just done.

He looked up through his fingers at Dunn’s body, and his lip trembled – the boy was dead, he’d killed him.

I killed him.

With that thought, all Will could do was scream, closing his eyes and praying to wake from his nightmare.

The End

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