Chapter X: Turning Back (3/12)Mature

He had little time to calm down before the carriage jerked again, and this time Will's forehead collided with the edge of the opposite seat. He seethed and cried out in pain, 'what now?' he called out in irritation.

The driver bent and pulled back the small curtain of the slit window between them. 'It would appear we have a protester, little sir. An obstinate one.'

'What?' The door swung open and Will leaned off of the top step to see what blocked his path. His mouth dropped open in surprise. It was the peryton.

It stood stagnant in the middle of the road, its large eyes glinting with determination, its wings spread in a beautiful display of warning.

'You!' Will fumed, slamming the door shut and causing the whole carriage to shake. 'What do you want? You're in my way.'

'I took your statement that nobody could stop you from leaving as a personal challenge,' the peryton said, its tone victorious. 'It appears I have succeeded.' 

'Do you think this is funny?'

'Certainly not. It is why I am here. I am here to show you how serious and foolish this decision is.'

'Why? What would you know? You have no idea what I've been through, I have every reason to go. Besides...I'm no good to anybody.'

'Perhaps at the moment,' it said forthrightly. Will's brow furrowed with offence. 'But soon, soon you will determine the future of us all.'

'If you're going to talk in riddles, I'll just shut my ears off now,' he joked, crossing his arms.

The peryton's voice was light and humorous. 'You deny your own importance. You do not wish to believe that you might mean something to us. And yet, the stars have bid a great destiny for you.'

Will snorted mockingly. 'Forgive me if I don't believe you.'

'To Hades with this,' the driver said suddenly. He slapped the riding crop across the horse's rump, and the carriage started with a jolt, Will's suitcase thrown up from within, landing with a bounce on the grass. Will watched helplessly as it disappeared into the distance, suddenly vanishing like wiped from sight.

The End

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