Chapter IX: Destabilised (8/8)Mature

The peryton's lecture surprised them all, sounding nothing as they would have expected. It spoke with articulation, and the children hung off of its every word. 'The Forestlands are a very safe area, it is for such a reason that so many magi and mystics are harboured here. Of course, it is not suitable for those that wish to flourish and learn, only those that wish to survive. You should feel honoured to have such an opportunity, the schools in tribes and factions do not compare to this.'

Then, the class began to ask questions, and the peryton answered gladly. 'Are there many perytons here?' asked a girl.

'In the White Forest, only I live, but in the Forestlands and Northern Plains, we are many. Some of us have been wiped out, those that survive, hide.'

'Wiped out?' asked Sayara, 'do you mean by humans?'

The peryton hesitated, then said grimly, 'I do.' 

'Do you hate them?' asked a boy with blonde hair, who had a strong presence, telling Will that he was Elemental, though he knew nothing more.

'Hate them, all of them? No.' His answer was unexpected to some of the children. 'Some humans are cruel and undeserving of honour, yet most are entangled in a world of hatred and intolerance, and for that I pity them. Magi and mystics live in fear, but we live together, united.' Then, the peryton turned its head, and Will thought that it was staring directly at him. He told himself it wasn't true, but then it spoke, a conversation private between them.

'Do not do this, Willow Avaric,' it said. Will flinched, but acted as if nothing was wrong. As Scrawlish spoke to the rest of the class, Will concentrated his thoughts on the creature and replied.

'I don't know what you mean.'

'I sense your plan, and it is a foolish one. I say again, do not do this.'

Could it know? But I was only thinking about...

'Will...Will,' Tayna shook him, shaking him from his thoughts. 'The lesson's over, we should get to break.' Will stood up, turning to the peryton and sending a final message.

'I'm going, and you can't stop me...nobody can.' 

Will wasn't sure if the creature had heard him, as it turned towards the White Forest and into the depths of the trees.

The End

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