Chapter V: The Mellicit Twins [7]Mature

The piercing gazes of the two seemed to lessen the space between them, and as they strode towards him, Will registered a sense of fear knowing he was face to face with the feared Mellicit twins. They were both dressed the same, their uniforms hidden under sculpted black coats pressed to perfection, their hair even darker and made up of straight hair, loose waves and ringlets swirling around their waists, as it seemed no single style could satisfy them. The twin to the left had brushed her hair across one eye, the other such a brown that Will recognised. He knew that this twin was Valda, and the other, whose eyes were olive green, was Marinia. There seemed no other way but this to tell them apart. They were the same height and build, and appeared intent to make it difficult and provoking to tell them apart. The twins stopped a few paces away, their eyes narrowing through a frame of thick, lacquered lashes.

          ‘You give yourself away, Tayna,’ said Marinia. Her voice was soft, and yet there was an edge to it, like a blade half-grinded. Every word was a warning of what was to come. ‘I could sense you trying to suppress your essence from the other end of the grounds. It defeats the point, doesn’t it?’

          ‘Hiding?’ asked Tayna coolly, that shy smile gone and overlaid with one of unbreakable confidence. ‘I have no idea what you mean, Marinia.’ Beside her, Andrel folded his arms insouciantly, whilst Will stood a step behind, feeling a power emanating from both girls like a barricade pressed against his chest.

          ‘Don’t act so innocent,’ said Valda sharply, mirroring her sister to the last angle. ‘I know it was -,’ her sister held her hand up, stopping her mid-sentence.

          ‘It’s obvious you took my dear sister’s Spy Eye. And you even have the nerve to hide it.’

All eyes fell on Valda as she flicked back her hair, revealing her other eye, and a chorus of shocked noises filled the room. Around a void eye socket the skin was blackened and half-desiccated, with veins raised across her cheek. Quickly, Valda brushed her hair back, and with her chin tilted slightly up, gave a vicious look to anybody who dared look at her in distaste. 

The End

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