Chapter V: The Mellicit Twins [4]Mature

They reached the top step but sank back a few before, leaning across them so that their heads just peeked above ground level. Their eyes darted in all directions until Tayna poked them both either side of her and gestured upwards. Sure enough, like a searchlight scanning the room, the eye hovered high in the middle of the room. Seeing it more clearly, Will saw the dangling pink stalk, and winced imagining what it had felt like.

          ‘Am I the only one wanting to play catch with it?’ whispered Andrel,

          ‘Ew,’ said Tayna, looking at him in disgust. ‘Don’t even think about it,’

          ‘Alright, but how satisfying would it be to catch it and make them ask for it back?’ Tayna pursed her lips, a clear sign of temptation. ‘We’d need a distraction…’ Andrel’s head rolled in Will’s direction, ‘ah, there you are.’

His brow wrinkled. ‘What am I supposed to do?’

          ‘Just let it see you,’ he shrugged. ‘I’ll work on catching it, just keep her occupied,’


          ‘You know what I mean – go.’ Andrel’s foot popped up and hit Will on the posterior, jerking him into motion. He walked hesitantly across the room, the eye not having noticed him yet. His eyes to the ground, he moved into its peripheral and knew the moment it caught sight of him. In a lightning fast motion, the eye came right up to him so that he could see light brown, almost golden flecks in the eyes, and unblinking he felt as if its sharp gaze was a blade straight through his head. He kept looking at it, keeping its attention, even as he saw Andrel moving forward, keeping each footstep quiet and lithe.

Knowing he wouldn’t be heard, Will called Andrel’s name under his breath as a signal, and with that, Andrel’s hand was over the eye, and he saw that he was wearing a sock like a glove, grasping the eye then turning the sock inside out to trap it.

The End

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