Chapter V: The Mellicit Twins [2]Mature

          ‘Are you saying you have nothing?’ asked Andrel, looking at him. ‘No wand or books?’

Will shook his head. ‘I didn’t know I needed any of it until…until a day ago,’

          ‘But you didn’t get anything after…you know -,’

          ‘It’s not as if wands are essential anyway, Andrel,’ interjected Tayna. Will looked at her gratefully, he didn’t want to think about what he’d learnt until he could think clearly. ‘Hopefully we won’t need them in a couple years, they’re just outlets after all. But until then, we’ll get everything from Holloway when everybody’s at lunch. It’ll be quiet –,’

Suddenly, she went rigid, like all warmth had left her and she’d become ice. Will saw the same expression that he’d seen on Anala; a look of both shock and worry. ‘Did you sense that?’ she whispered a while later.

Andrel began to ask what was wrong, when they all spotted something shoot across the edge of the room, from the dark doorway and through the enchanted wall like a pebble rippling through water.

          ‘What was that?’ Will asked. Tayna and Andrel didn’t answer, they rose from their seats faster than he could react to, following the strange object through the wall. When he met back up with them, they were standing at the base of the stairs looking up.

          ‘What’s happening?’

          ‘It’s nothing, Will,’ said Tayna, in a voice that tried to dismiss him. ‘Don’t worry,’

Andrel, on the other hand, was more gracious, but he did not give the answer Will had ever expected. ‘It’s a – well, it’s an eye.’

The End

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