Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [21]Mature

         ‘Splendid,’ Paradam smiled. ‘Now that all of that is sorted, I imagine you’ll want to return to explore. Everybody will likely return from Holloway soon for lunch, but until then you can do as you wish. I trust you both to look after him.’ The three children rose, with Andrel grabbing a few biscuits for the journey down the stairs. ‘Oh, and Tayna, I have a job just for you. I want you to show Will the Elemental section in the library at some point, in case he continues to wonder.’

          ‘Yes, sir,’ Tayna nodded.

          ‘And if you see Anala around, tell her to fly up here. She seems to have disappeared again. Tell her it’s urgent,’

          ‘She said she had something important to do,’ answered Andrel,

          ‘That will probably be hiding from Professor Bosrold. She may mean well, but she has an affinity for trouble. Although, I’m sure I beget that in her.’

          ‘She doesn’t like him, does she?’ Will asked,

          ‘You don’t know the half of it,’ said Paradam, rolling his eyes with a weary look.

          ‘We’ll tell her, sir,’ nodded Tayna, last to leave and shut the door as she and the boys headed back to the commonroom.


The End

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