Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [20]Mature

          ‘Sir…’ he said eventually, slipping the cup and pouch onto the table. ‘I have to ask. What do I do…here?’

Paradam shrugged, ‘whatever you wish,’

          ‘But if I have magick, shouldn’t I learn how to use it?’

          ‘Wait,’ interjected Andrel, ‘you don’t know how to use magick? Not a clue, you, an Elemental?’

          ‘Will’s memory is weak, Andrel,’ said Paradam, his tone stern and impressing. ‘There is little that he -,’

          ‘None,’ Will said,

          ‘None,’ he enunciated with a knowing look, ‘that he remembers from his life before the accident. My – our – job will be to teach him, do you understand?’ Andrel nodded, looking rather embarrassed as Paradam turned back to Will. ‘You can do whatever you wish. Our faculty will give you the highest level of support if you decide to learn, you need only say and it will be arranged, ah -,’

          Realising something, Paradam reached into the pocket of his nightgown and handed him a small scroll of parchment. ‘One more administrative duty – the contract,’

          ‘Contract?’ Will raised an eyebrow,

          ‘So he isn’t charged with kidnapping,’ chimed in Tayna,

          ‘That’s right,’ Paradam nodded. ‘I’m being safe with so many prices on my head. I require the signature of everybody here so as to avoid any…conflict.’

Will broke apart the wax with an ornate ‘S’ seal, and unravelled the parchment. In dark ink, it was written:


Willow Caius Avaric, Hundredth of the Sacred Name

Genesis: October 13th of the Year 8294 L.M

Academy: Draíochta, enrolment Form 2A



By the Ten Points of Asteliš Eña, I solemnly decree my body, mind and sacred soul to be my own.



          ‘Hmm…my birthday’s in October,’ he mused. ‘Do you have a -,’ he began to ask before Tayna pushed an already-dipped quill under his nose. ‘Er, thanks.’

Quickly, Will wrote his name along the line, giving it a quick flourish at the end like he imagined a real signature was written. The moment the nib left the paper, the signature shone from black to gold, and the parchment lifted off of the table. Will watched mesmerised as it rolled itself up and then shot up to the gallery and nestled itself on a shelf with hundreds of other rolls.

The End

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