Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [18]Mature

Looking on the desk, she grabbed a card from the top layer, calling Will over. Attached to the card was an incredibly heavy velvet pouch with a tag reading: For Willow Avaric.

          ‘I think Paradam was expecting us,’ she said, showing Will the card. Written on it in swirling cursive, it said: Enjoy the tea.

          ‘What tea?’ Will asked,

          ‘That tea,’ said a familiar voice, and when Tayna and Will looked up, Paradam was standing beside the armchair, where Andrel was still lazily reclined. Seeing the principal, Andrel bolted up and twisted quickly around, murmuring an apology whilst his face reddened.

          ‘You didn’t have to sneak up on us, Principal,’ he said,

          ‘I know I didn’t have to, Mr Wilthric,’ smiled Paradam, ‘but one gets past the age when obligation is the first thing on one’s mind. At that point, spontaneity usually takes over and everything goes to pot.’ Will saw that Paradam had changed from their excursion, wearing a nightgown over his robes with a thick fur collar, his hair no longer plaited, now swept over one shoulder. ‘So, as I said, tea?’

He pointed to the other side of the room, where in the corner on a coffee table between two leather sofas was a piping china tea set and a plate of iced biscuits that hadn’t been there a minute previously. Before Paradam could make it halfway across the room, Andrel had zoomed past and brought a biscuit to his lips before he had even sunk down onto the sofa.

The End

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