Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [15]Mature

         ‘You really don’t remember anything, do you?’ Will shook his head. ‘When did you find out about everything?’

          ‘About a day ago,’

          ‘Wow…no wonder your essence is all over the place,’

Will wanted to ask what she meant, but once again cut himself off. He looked down at the lake and the surrounding forest, but couldn’t keep one eye off of Tayna as she swayed back and forth on the railing, his stomach clenching as he imagined her falling to her death before his eyes.

          ‘Tayna, do you mind?’

          ‘Mind what?’ she asked, tilting her head at him. She cottoned on and smiled, ‘oh, are you afraid for me? Afraid of something like this –,’ before he could do anything about it, she fell backwards. He jerked into movement like a startled animal, lunging forward as her legs flipped over her head, her hands tight on the railing. In the end, she landed safely with her feet on the railing edge, hanging from the outside, her smile never diminishing. But Will’s eyes were wide with fear, and he grabbed hold of her arm instinctively, trying to calm himself down in the moment he realised nothing was wrong. Tayna continued to look at him with intrigue.

          ‘Calm down, Will. I was never in danger,’ she said, soothing him. She moved slowly back onto the other side so as to not frighten him. ‘I’m an Air sprite, being up high doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you, alright?’

          ‘R – right,’ he stammered. ‘Can – can we go back inside?’

          ‘I think we should, before you have a stroke. We should get you some breakfast too, you look like you’re about to collapse.’

The End

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