Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [13]Mature

Hesitantly, he emerged from the bathroom and headed into the dormitory, ascending up the stairs, every second readjusting himself in fear of what Tayna would think of him. At the top floor, she was nowhere in sight, but he saw that above the gallery, one of the panes of the glass roof had been flipped open, a soft breeze floating in.

          ‘Will?’ her voice called from outside, and then her head poked in. She cocked an eyebrow at his new outfit before grinning, ‘glad to see they fit. Come on, you have to see up here.’

He climbed the ladder on the gallery, another brass construction with grilled flooring that shook a little as he moved. His breath hitched in his throat as he walked below the open window, looking around and debating how and whether to climb up.

          ‘How did you get up there?’

          ‘Air Elemental,’ was her simple answer. ‘Hurry up,’

          ‘I – I don’t want to.’ He was already high up from the ground, he wasn’t keen on going higher.

          ‘Come on. Use the railing. I promise it’ll be worth it.’

Will sighed, unable to ignore his desire to see what it was she wanted him to. He put his feet up on the inner railing, flattened out against the wall, feeling up until he grasped the edge of the window. He only managed to pull his arms up over, his legs flailing below for support.

          ‘No – no, I can’t,’ he protested, about to sink back down before he felt Tayna grasp his arm and pull. He suddenly felt half as heavy as before, and she easily dragged him up and onto the rooftop as if he weighed nothing.

          ‘How – how did you -,’ he rambled disbelievingly, looking up to find Tayna and interrogate her. But his words were lost in his throat, looking around at the most spectacular sight of them all.

The world seemed spread out before him, full of endless green fields and the sparkling horizon of the sea. The two forests he’d been before spread out into the distant morning fog, surrounding the lake with its unbroken skin like a crescent moon. The beach below the cliffside was like a thin grey ribbon, as were the pathways leading to and from the castle, one up onto a distant hillside, the other to a high wall a long way off to the right.

          ‘Told you,’ Tayna smiled. 

The End

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