Chapter IV: Meeting of the Draíochta [9]Mature

          ‘I suppose I should show you the dormitory,’ said Tayna, quickly silencing the brothers’ conversation, both of them turning to listen. ‘You being here would explain the dog-eared suitcase that appeared yesterday morning.’

Will seized up and turned immediately to Anala. She nodded, ‘go on, she’s not going to bite. Not yet, at least,’

          ‘Anala…’ Tayna seethed whilst still trying to smile.

          ‘Oh – uh – alright,’ nodded Will, standing and following her to the corner of the room, where another brick wall was garlanded with drapes. A doormat in front read: WIPE YOUR FEET. Will smiled, and now knowing what to do, snapped his fingers. Tayna smiled at him,

          ‘Impressive. You’re learning.’ Without trepidation, she strode through, and the wall enclosed her like a viscous pudding. He followed quickly before his nerves could stop him, feeling as if something was pressing in on both sides of his head, though it was nothing as strange as before. He opened his eyes a moment later, appearing in a small, dimly lit hallway. Candles flickered in sconces of glass, blown into odd, mutated shapes, some beautiful like twisted flower petals, others like melted trumpets and dripping wax. To his right, the hallway trailed off, up a short flight of stairs into rooms that appeared to be a bathroom tiled from floor to ceiling, and a dormitory with only a couple abandoned voices echoing from within. Straight ahead was an open doorway through which Tayna stood waiting, and once more, he followed in her stead.

The End

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