Chapter III: Darkness into Light [5]Mature

          “Your family were lost to us protecting something, Will. Something that the Incarnate prized beyond jewels, legacies or any titles they could be awarded. It has as many names as the wind, but to us it is Eña – the Power. Most understanding of it falls flat from here, it is known as a burden and the greatest of all magick. Magi and humans live under different laws. Our Creeds maintain peace with the mystic races so as to not repeat the wars of old, and the Leger Majikel, thought to be scribed by the divine, tell us to bury our dead, to respect natural order and so on. The Power supersedes these rules in every known story, and whilst I believe our people to be pious as a whole, I have no doubt that living out of law is a temptation few of us could ever resist.”

          “So is that what happened? The Power – it killed them? They couldn’t resist it?”

        “Not the Power itself,” Percival shook his head. “Rather, those trying to take it.” He looked at Anala, and she gently nodded that he should continue. “I need you to think back, Will, to every story of the Incarnate you shouldn’t have read. For as long as their bloodline has existed, countless adversaries have challenged their claim of divine right and their fitness to rule. Plotters and mercenaries have tried to eradicate the lines beyond count, and only once did they succeed before. In the fourteenth generation, all heads of the ruling families were murdered, but they had born heirs and the safety of blood relatives, so the line sustained itself. Luck, magick and strategy always seemed to have played a part in the families’ survival over eight millennia, but a great number believe they had another aid...”

The End

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