Chapter II: The Fish and Spear [13]Mature

         “But that story about the royals being descended from the gods, it’s just a legend,” said Will. “A lot of people don’t believe it, they think it’s just highborns trying to brainwash us. And after what happened…after they just gave up fighting the Court for power, how can they be gods if they can’t defend themselves?”

          “Perhaps they were afraid,” said Percival brusquely, looking indignant. “Or perhaps they were being kind.”

Will laughed again. “Look, if you’re trying to make me a royalist, you’ll have to try harder. They’ve done nothing for me.”

          “Uncle, you need to tell him,” said Anala, looking as if somebody had wounded her in the chest.

           “Tell me what?”

           “Your name, Will,”

           “I know my name. You just said it. Willow – Will, whatever –,”

           “Your full name,”

           “I don’t have a full name. I’m chainborn, nobody cares about our names –,”

          “Names have turned gods to ash before,” mused Anala. “There’s a legend that says in a person’s name is the secret of how to destroy them,”

          “My name wouldn’t do that,” he retorted, standing and turning towards the door. “I knew this was pointless. I’m done asking questions.” He turned the handle and the noise from downstairs surged up to meet him, the charm broken. “Now leave me alone and –,”


The End

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