Chapter I: The Chainborn Boy [23]Mature

         “If he don’t wants to go, what’s you gonna do?” asked Wilmina, trotting to Willow’s side. Looking at the two next to each other, it seemed an unimaginable match, and Anala had to wonder if and why he had any affection towards her.

          “Then we shall leave,” Percival shrugged. “You may continue this…life you lead and happily forget we ever came here. However, I will invite you to come with us now, Willow –,”

         “I’m going nowhere with you. You magi are trouble, you’ll get everyone in trouble being here,”

      “Then are you not curious what we thought was so worth the risk?” he asked, extending an arm invitingly. Anala examined the look in her uncle’s eyes, brimming with confidence. He had no doubt of what would happen, and a smile quirked at the corners of his mouth as Willow failed to produce an answer.

He sighed, lowering his arm. “Well, if you will not come with us now, allow me to offer an alternative: another choice. There’s an inn out on the northern trail that I remember from my last visit. Anala and I will lodge there until midday to wait out the hunt we have undoubtedly incurred. After midday we will be gone and you shall never hear from us. However, if you desire answers and are willing to hear what we have to tell you, then you will find us there. Come, Anala.” With a final look of certainty towards them both, he strode towards the door.

Anala stood puzzled in the middle of the room, “err – ah – Uncle –,”

       “Come, Anala,” he repeated with not so much as a look back, stepping off of the veranda onto the road.

           “I’ll not come,” said Willow curtly as she turned away, his eyes narrowed at her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but all words seemed pointless after her uncle’s confident finish. She returned his look with one of hope and placation that made him flinch, treading over the door to her uncle’s side.

       “Ask for Arkus,” Percival called. Will’s eyes widened, but had no time to ask as he watched them stride down the road towards the quickly-rising sun.


End of Chapter I

The End

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