Chapter I: The Chainborn Boy [11]Mature

She released him and she joined his side as they continued down the street. “But you must understand my fear for you. Your obstinacy will get you killed one day, and as much as I’d like to say I’ll stand over your grave and boast “I told you so”, in all likelihood, you’ll have gotten me killed too.” She smirked. “This is a dangerous place, Anala. A girl of your look and vocabulary, venturing out alone in Qirïdun of all times, is not wise –,”

“I know, I know, Uncle. Conway and Carjil have said it all before – daily, in fact. But how could I just wait at home when I know how important this is?” She stepped in front of him, crossing her arms and barring his path. “Did you find him?” she asked, her eyes bright with expectation.

The majihan’s lips curled into a grin, “I found him.”

Anala laughed happily, the sound echoing and being answered by something rattling bins in the alleyways. “So that means –,”

          “It doesn’t mean anything, Anala. Not yet,” he cut in. “There is still a lot we do not know. I recognise his essence, it’s hard not to when you are looking for it. But being here all these years, not knowing anything, it cannot have had a good effect,”

          “He’s not –,”

          “No. But there’s a reason that the Court put him here in the first place – for their own advantage.” He glanced at each of the houses as they passed, worn and leaning in all directions with rotten blackwood beams and thatch. “Who would expect such an audacious move? Who could have possibly presumed he would be here?”

          “You did, Uncle,”

       “That is because I know the Court. I know Aurelyos, as much as that annoys him. They wanted him out of the way, but they also wanted to watch him, just in case something…happened. So, as awful as this place is, I take some comfort in knowing he is safe.”

          “So where is he?”

He jerked to a stop and closed his eyes tightly. Anala stood expectantly, feeling the air grow warmer as his power probed the air, invisible hands coalescing into every draught of the air until –

His eyes shot open and with a knotted finger, he pointed to one of the houses. “There.”

The End

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