Moon Lit Lurking

There were unusual creepy footsteps on the paticular night that all four of our family (it feels good to say family) were out,ful filling our time in the moon lit forest that carried on for miles. We heard the breaking of sticks,heavy breathing and saw darkening  shadows. That was enough to send us home,although I refused to go back to our 'enclosure' but still, I was still glad we were inside,safe from danger and discovery. It seemed as if that when we turned back into our skin,we were being watched. With following,beady,sunken eyes following our every move,tracking our paw prints,scenting our smell. I didn't feel like it was just out that night. I thought someone was out there with us...keeping their distance purposely.

The next morning,it was an April morning. Just a normal morning,with the sun seeping in through our curtains and when us wolf pack did wake from our slumber,we were horrified to find our piture,a little blurred on the front of the sunday newspaper. We had made the headlines. Everyone gathered round Dad to listen to his trembling voice, and watch his shaking hands as he read the article out. Flinn and I looked at eachother in despair. His glowing face that morning became a mis shape. He looked like a full grown wolf,glinting in the sun but his human face showed fear,and a tiny little cub hiding within him.

Things happened so fast after that. Mum and Dad raced around,still in human skin,collecting all of our possessions and even when they growled fiercely at me,I just sat on the sofa and stared into space,realising I was about to loose my home,where I had grown up and now,just like that,I had to move to another pretend home that we would be happy in for as long as a few months. But as the tears streamed down my face,only Flinn,my wolf brother gave me sympathy. The one who helped me get my things and say goodbye,holding my limp little hand. The one that saw my connection to all the places we had been to and understood why they were special. They were the places my new family and I first spent our time together.

The End

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