Four-Legged Freaks

It felt good to become one of them. To be a 'four-legged freak' as we are called. But no one can see us,being who we are and no one,right now,can stop us. Running freely into unknown places without boundaries or danger,yet. Just me and Flinn, the icy wind racing through our golden brown fur,as we leap and bound down hills and up hills. Not having anything to care about. But we don't want to spoil the moonlight,full moon is our legacy and our 'God'.

We ride under the stars and it sounds like one of my day dreams but it is not. This is real. Everything looks real,everything about my new life,feels real. Flinn and I play fight,growl and snarl and anyone would think we were puppies. But we aren't we are young wolves,growing up and exploring everything we can before the time comes to move away from my homw town if we were ever discovered. I have been taught to not become attached to humans or places or belongings in anyway. It is easier for us to let go once that is established.

Hunting on the other hand is harder. I caught my first meal yesterday and I have not yet mastered the so called 'art' of killing my prey quick enough with sounds disgusting,eating raw meat is digusting and so i don't do that. I have refused to eat it,the smell sickens me so I eat cooked fresh,cooked meat,so I don't have to waste my valuable paws and time devouring Deer.

The End

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