Revealing Our Fury Faces

That afternoon on a normal typial day,as I walked along the abandoned corn fields I felt unsafe and as I was being watched,which I had never felt before. Like something was moving around.Like times were changing and something was going to happen.

"Hurry up" Flinn whispered to me,covering up his face as much as possible and constantly looked back,as if he had the feeling to.

"I have to tell you something and I don't want to but it is to keep you safe."

"Am I not safe then?" I asked,shaking nervously.

"Not right now,no,come with me." He answered,still vague with his answers as we rushed back to his house. As soon as we were inside I knew something was going to be said,whether I liked it or not.

He closed the curtains,locked the dorrs and windows and rushed frantically around the house,worrying about what seemed to be nothing at all.

"Flinn what's happening,what are you doing." I asked,confused.

"You aren't what you think you are." He said,still irritatingly vague.

"Then what am I" I whispered.

"Your not human,.put it that way." He replied very coldly,like he didn't seem to care how I felt about this comment.

Then the truth came out. I was no longer the person I thought I was. I wasn't even a person. A born wolf,as I had wanted to be. I didn't belong in the human world even though I was half human. From native tribes came wolf descendants and those are the earliest of our ancestors and the whole of Flinn's family come from those ancestors,disguised partly as humans to cover up our true identities so we are not hunted by the pure human race.

And then I found out something magical, Flinn was my brother,and his Mother mu Mother and his Father my Father. They had come back for me. Just before I turned 14,when the changes have said to start happening. Which they have. I have cravings for meat,I have violent burts of rage,occassionally and I want to run more.

So the family I was let to believe and believed was my family,was not. I had lived with strangers for 14 years of my life. But why was it me that had been given up at birth.

I was an 'out of control infant' and was one of the many that was too violent to be brought up properly by wolves. I would have become to fierce and become completely out of control. They did it for my own good. But now I knew the truth,where would it lead to?

The End

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