What Secrets Build Into

After a few months of constant meeting up with the family,I decided to ask about they're strange habits. These included; Only eating meat,as I had seen every night as Flinn went inside of his house for dinner,large portions of it would be sitting on each plate sometimes chicken,sometimes beef and this strange looking meat that I found out to be Deer! Their eyes changing coulour,to the exact shades of mine as I examined through a clear photo of all of us,including all of the parents. Then there was the sudden little rages that Flinn had,but he said he 'couldn't control it' and it only lasted for at the most,ten minutes. 

But it was strange to see these things as when I had turned 14 a few weeks after noticing them,I started to only eat meat,not pasta or fruit or vegetables,and started to get angrier,sometimes even slamming doors. Mum and Dad just blamed it on my potential 'mental illness' but I put it down to being around Flinn too much. As I saw him most days now for as good as 3-4 hours a time.

Things were feeling uncomftable at this stage. Questions filled my head as to why these things were happening to me,doubting each answer I gave myself. I ended up having to ask my questions,but in a way that wouldn't have offended them.

I rang the bell at No.37 and like the first time I had done this,I began to feel nervous,even though I did it every day,almost.

Flinn opened the door smiling at me,as he usually did,with pink glowing cheeks and his eyes a vibrant purple. He invited me in and that's when it turned hairy..

The End

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