Relik the 14-year-old boy

As we were hit by the fierceness of the cold air, the boy put both of his hands in his pockets and started to walk,without me,as if I were to follow him without any question. Like he was my friend and it was the most normal thing imaginable. But still I walked next to him,thinking of what to say and as I did a low voice came from the 14-year-old boy walking next to me,which made my opinions of him change quite suddenly.

"Hello" was all I could hear him say,as most of his face was wrapped in his coat,so his rough voice was muffled.

"Erm hey,I'm Atha" I replied in a shy,timid voice and saying my name as if it was the most normal name ever possible to be called.

"I'm Relik" 

There was an awkward silence. As we walked steadily down the road his eyes turned a purple colour and he looked almost content in my presence. I couldn't relax,which was very noticeable as I could feel my eyes turn black again. It wasn't a great start to an optional friendship,but at least it had a start,I wasn't good at making friends and found it hard to fit in,I was a 'loner' as everyone called me,but I didn't mind it. I could make my own friends up,friends with secrets that you had to find and discover and many adventures would take place. This is mad I know,but at least I didn't pretend they were real,harmless fantasies,that's all they were.

"I've seen you a couple of times" He said. I felt confused and the expression appeared on my face.

"But how could you if we've you've only just moved?" I asked,cautiously.

"So you've seen me then?" He asked,laughing half heartedly.

"You didn't answer my question" I replied, a little more sternly.

"And you didn't answer mine" He said,still laughing. I couldn't understand why,but I had grown to like this Flinn even though he became very secretive and became more intelligent the more we spoke as the day drew on. But I had to establish one thing.

"So would you consider me as a friend Relik?" I asked,seeming a bit more timid.

"I suppose,if you'd consider me a friend" He replied,also seeming scared of what my reply was. I nodded,unsure of what to say and it seemed easier then trying to be friends with girls. I didn't get on with other girls,especially my age who cared about getting boyfriends,make up,fashion and other pointless things. But I thought this friendship was going to become better than the rest.

The End

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