The Boy Who Watched

To distarct me from my forever growing insanity, I found myself gazing out of my window, wondering who the family over the road,who had just moved in, was. They looked mysterious and kept themselves to themselves. I tried to explain this to Mum as she made tea and cookies to take over,but she completely ignored me and dragged me over to No. 37.

A woman with short sluggis brown hair opened the door,she looked suprised and unwelcoming as Mum spoke to her. She didn't smile and her eyes,often seeming like mine,began to change colour. I tried to ignore this detail and thought it must have been the florecence in the air,but they were constantly changing. Sometimes a beautiful Sapphire Blue and others really deep purple,but the one thing I noticed most was when they turned completely black,like mine.

After much conversation,mostly coming from Mum,she turned her head and watched me,with her beaming black,misty eyes. I watched her and felt a lose connection to her already,even if I had only just met her. She didn't speak to me,just watched me uncomftably and when she finally invited us in,things got stranger.

There was a boy there. Most likely her son,but he had the same thing in common,his eyes were black too and he liked to watch me whilst I sat politely,completely quiet. Until the Strange Woman said "Relik,take this young lady for a walk" which I found scary. I hadn't even met this unusual boy and had only met this weird family for as good as ten minutes. How did I know I could trust them?


The End

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