The Eyes Turn Black

I am catogorized as 'mentally unstable'.

But you can not catergorize me ,if you don't know who I really am. Just because my eyes suddenly change colour from a twinkling violet to a black mist,doesn't neccessarily mean I'm evil or possessed by anything,I'm just different. No one understands what different is anymore. And just because I have strange dreams also doesn't define or conclude I am mentally unstable,or depressed as the doctors have said to my parents,when they think I can't hear them because I am having my usual day dreams. The dreams of which are fascinating and scary at the same time. But eventhough I have stayed the same throughtout my life,doctors have just realised I'm 'too different',but you can never be too different. That's Insanity.

I've been on all sorts of tests,medications and have even been drugged to find the reasons for these habits of mine. But there has been no explanation found,so I don't get the point of all this madness. I sometimes doubt myself and become someone completely different in my head,like a wolf. Free to run and be who they are without judgement or constant and pointless tests. I wouldn't mind being a wolf,I really wouldn't.

My parents have become so worried about me,you can see the fear and the stress in their eyes as they look at me,praying I don't have a disease or a rare condition. I don't,I know I don't,I'm just different. But no one likes anyone being different,stepping out of line is an 'offence' to the blindest of people.


The End

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