This started as a fanfiction for the popular Tumblr phenomenon, Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, or the Big Four, but I changed it and now it is an original work.

The story begins with the light in your heart, a fantasy, a dream, and a spark. Issued forth from people just like you were four pure lights. Each had their own color, and each stood for something good. Light blue stood for happiness, aqua stood for humility, leaf green for friendship, and emerald green for innocence. However, from people who are hopefully not like you came four impure lights. These each stood for something dark and evil. Yellow meant fear, red meant pride, brown meant intimidation, and purple meant deception. These eight lights were formed from centuries worth of thoughts and feelings.

At first, there was only one light, a white light. It stood for peace, unity and equality, but people who induced fear and intimidation and pride, and every other evil thing , caused the light to fragment, becoming the eight different lights. The colors, as you know, stood for both good and evil things, each one turning into spirits. They had never taken bodies until one day, in the kingdom of Frosteria, four babies were born on the same day in separate households. Two were boys, two were girls.

The first girl's name was Eliza Bennett. Her parents were good honest people, grey-eyes, like everyone else in the kingdom. Imagine the shock they got when they got their first look at their baby's eyes and saw that they were red rather than grey. The doctor reassured them that it was perfectly fine and they had nothing to worry about.This baby grew up to be pretty, accomplished, and talented. All this went to her head. Soon, she stopped being around her parents. She thought she was too good for them. She thought she was too good for anyone and anything.

The other girl's name was Cassie Jones. Her eyes were purple. She was pretty and talented, but her talents were different than Eliza's. She was a magician. Tricks, illusions, imagery, slight-of hand, all deceptions. She became interested in her talents. She found that she could make anyone believe anything, even when there was proof that it wasn't true right in front of them. Tricking people like that became a sick obsession for her.

The first boy was named Carlos Venturi. He was fine until his older brother scared him for the first time. He was afraid, but he was fascinated by the race of his heart, the nervous way his head twitched from side to side, his yellow eyes darting from left to right, the way he was dependent on other people to make him feel safe. Don't worry, he got his brother back. Got him back good. Scaring people soon become what he got paid for.

The final boy's name was Ethan Hawkes h grew up to be big, burly, and muscular. He was a nice kid, but his burly frame and brown eyes and his habit of cracking his knuckles made the others steer clear of him. He realized he could do a lot of things with that power. People would do things for him, they'd give him things, they'd be afraid of him. He loved how people would hurry away when he came near.

Eventually, these four met and became friends. They each wanted the kingdom for themselves, but their plan changed. They would share the kingdom. With Eliza's pride, Ethan's intimidation, Cassie's deception, and Carlos' fear, nothing would stand in their way. They ended up overrunning the kingdom and taking it for themselves at a ripe age of twenty.

Four years later, four new babies were born, two new girls, and two new boys, each born on the same day in the same kingdom.

Our first girl was named Enya O'Shanter, and she had beautiful aqua eyes. She was the best archer in the kingdom, unmatched, but she remained humble about it. She didn't let her talent and beauty go to her head. As unmatched as she was, she would still teach others to shoot.

The second girl's name was Riely Corona and she had emerald green eyes. Her parents sheltered her from the terrible kingdom they'd been forced to grow up in and barely educated her on the workings of the world. Even at fourteen, she still radiated rainbows, sunshine, and puppies.

One of the boy's was named Jackson Overland. He had beautiful pale blue eyes. He had a younger sister named Cathy, and he loved to see her smile. In this awful kingdom, smiles were hard to come by. Jackson decided it was high time someone fixed that. He did everything he could to make everyone happy.

The last of the four was named Harry Thomson. His eyes were leaf green. He was a friendly kid. He loved to see smiles, but he didn't go out of his way to make people smile. He was more so the person you went to to try to ease the pain of living in this awful time and place. 

At fourteen, these four finally met. The following is a retelling of how, when, where, and most importantly why they met.

The End

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