part 2 c

We weren't conected, we though, it wasn't to do with genders or ages because Steph was a year older than us. I thought about my parents and began to wail, I saw down on Earth that my mother was telling my five year old brother that I was dead, they two were crying. I tohugh about writing a nice letter to my parents explaining everything but it was a failed attempt, as I knew that they would never get it

Dear Mum
I am completely safe and happy, I am up in heaven, I am having a wonderful time and have made lots of new friends, don't cry or worry about me.

  My body wasn't retrieved until  three weeks after it was discovered. My parents were crying like mad, I was there to see it because it was discovered at 9 o'clock in the evening. I wanted to everything I could, but I knew I couldn't
  That moment I flew back to heaven and asked Myfi if they miss their parents. I had been in heaven first out of all of them, so they expected me not to get homesick, but they were there for me, they gave me a shoulder to cry on.

  The next morning was disgusting, a powerful aroma of coagulated blood was roaming the atmosphere. I could hear some crying down in heaven and as I watched down in heaven, a burst into tears as I found out that my father had comitted suicide by shooting himself in the head.
  He never returned into my heaven, he went into one of his own. I was aloud to visit him regularly but on certain occasions like Christmas. Heaven didn't have Halloween for thirteen year olds and above, you had to literally be a child to be able to go trick or treating.
  Our little group didn't see the point though because if you were in heaven, you could just wish for something and then you had it, even if we gave all the sweets on us, the little children could just wish for more and then they'd have it. You could even wish to be thinner and then it would happen. Pretty soon it was my birthday.

  I had a sleepover and everyone was invited, we had great food, everyone had pizza or chips except for Simon who had evolved from a posh family. He said he was the only one who was nice in his family, now because he was dead, everyone in his family were now snobby.
  He had Lobster, caviar and escargot. I felt like I was gonna puke before he got to the snails. So I took the liberty of "confiscating the snails" and giving him some "Pink Lemonade."
  We had watched a movie and called "The haunted Airman" and it was a really good film. There are some bits I shouldn't mention.
  After that we played "Truth, Dare, Kiss or promise" and everyone ganged up on Alicia and Simon. They both loved each other and so we took pity on them when wither of them "truth, dare, kiss or promise" It was better when Simon picked Alicia or Alicia picked Simon.

  The future on Earth was different, I think I should take some time to tell your about my family.

The End

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