part 2 b

Myfi felt like the only person who knew me. She was also deprived from happiness. She became my best friend up in heaven. We shared this heaven, but we were in one of our own. One day Myfi came to me and said, "guess what, I have a suprise, I've found someone else in our heaven"
  She tok me across the furthest reaches in the corners of our galaxy to show me the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, Jennifer Jones. Jenny seemed lonely and I tried to become her friend, we did all the stuff we had imagined in our dreams together because we could do anything we wanted to do up in this heaven. We imagined ourself abseiling, rock climbing and skydiving.
  Nightly, we were allowed to go down to Earth but as a spirit or ghost. Most of the time, I would visit my parents and my brother.

  Later on in my time up in heaven, I saw Myfi and Jeny on a daily ritual and we had fun. Sometimes we would watch the premiers of movies which weren't meant to be premiered until ten  years into the future, and another good thing is that being a spirit we can do whatever we want.
  Jenny, Myfi and I would sneak in, (well walk in because people didn't know we were there) the cinema and watch eighteen rated movies. I remember specifacally requesting to watch Paranormal Activity.
  Later on in my time, more people came into our heaven, Simon, a really nice boy, Alicia, a dedicated swimmer, Dosheena but we call her Dosh, a black-belt, Steph a Merlin addict and Miranda. We became the best of friends until the time we confided in each other to tell us how we killed each other, Jenny went first and I stood up and said I was stabbed in the head...

Turns out we all did...

The End

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