part 2 a Eloise's Story

My name was Elosie but my frieds called me el, so that was who I became, el. I lived on the boarder of London and hoped for a long and happy life, and of course everything I asked for, god denied.

One blustery evening, my friend Olivia was throwing a party. I didn't realise that because Olivia's twenty year old cousin was in charge, it would be at a club, but I wanted to show that I could be the life of a party.
  I met this young man only two years older than me, his name was Derik. Of course, Derik was a bit alone, so he brought me drinks, moer and more and more, but it was just a fanta.
  Slowly I began to feel dizzy, my head spun round and around, and that was when I saw it, he was spiking a drink and giving it to another girl.
  He took me back to his house, and I struggled and of course my very best was not good enough, I struggled and fought, but...but in the end, I had to meet fate.
  He punched me in the face and all I remember was him on top of me. I felt scared, lonely, deprived from happiness.
  All I wanted were my parents. And then I remember him saying "This is the end for you Eloise" and then a flash of silver, a big blow to the head, and then suddenly my best friend Myfi was standing in front of me...

In heaven.

The End

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