part 1 e, the end of jenny's story

My sister married a young good looking man named Henry, he was very, very rich, sometimes I think she married him because of the money. My sister Robyn gave birth to my first neice, Erin. Erin Alexandra, even though she didn't know it was there helping her give birth.
  My dad died when he was fifty two, he died of a heart attack. He is now in my heaven and I am reunited with him again. My brother in law Henry died two years later because he got mugged by some theives and they shot him in his diaphram.

Erin never got married, she had boyfriends, but never married or gave birth, Erin was the last person in the Jones' family lineage. She died with my sister in a car crash.
  My mother was really 100 when she died. She had lived a long and happy life. The residential home she lived in, the ladies knew her story, wat she'd been through and everything about her. Her friend Maragret asked her "Tell me, do you miss Jenny" and she replied "More than anything"
  That was the night she died and passed away.
  And I began to cry

This is Jenny Jones speaking from heaven
United with my family.

The End

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