part 1 d

How coincidental, we had been killed by the same man in the same way, but we had different stories to how it happened. There was no connection in any way, there were boys and girls, we had just been put into the same heaven...but why?

Over the next few days, down on Earth, the police found many clues linking to my death, my beautiful necklace given to me by my dead great grandmother. In heaven I could contact her, I visited her regularly, mostly on Thursadays and Saturdays. Myfi, El, Dosh, Alicia (prefers Lis), Simon and I were trying to give clues, yelling the same persons name, but no one could hear us up in heaven.
  One dark and gloomy day, my spirit went down to Earth for the first time, but as a ghost, so no one could see me. I tried everything I could.
  Luckily for me, a young shop-a-holic lady was putting on her high heels in a rush, stumbled and found my necklace with saliva and blood on it. She reported it and got the police to do an analysis.
  They were getting one step closer to my killer, but I was determined not to stop under any circumstances. The next bit of my story I will tell about the future of the family and friends.

The End

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