part 1 c

My parents had requested to the police that they have a search, It didn't take long for them to find my body, it had blood oozing and trickling out my head, though most of it had turned black, jet black. My mum wailed for days on end, my dad tried to be a man and  held it in, but my mum tried comforting him and he cried his eyes out.
  I tohught in my heaven I would be all alone, but I wasn't, I met a dazzling, pretty girl called Myfanwy, She had brown hair and hazel eyes, my word, she was gorgeous and she said she knew a girl named Elosie.
  One day I plucked up the courage to ask her.
  "What Jenny"
  "I know this may sound stupid, but you miss your parents?"
  "Oh Jenny, I have been alone for two years in this heaven now, I missed my parents from the very start and I still miss my parents now"
  I began to cry and she held me, she was such a nice girl, I wished I could do something to her, but I didn't know, the least I did was keep her company.

  One day Myfi came back and I was sitting on the swing, but she brought some company, her friends, Eloise, Alicia, Dosheena (preferes dosh), Steph, and a boy called John.
  We became friends over the years and our friendships grew. Alicia fell in love with Simon, Dosh wanted to become a jockey, Eloise (prefers el) became a rower and I became a swimmer, we were all atheletic in our own way.

The day came when we confided in each other to tell us how we died, I started off describing my death, and coincedentally that was how everyone else died, the same way as I did, and we became suspicious that our murders were linked.

The End

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