part 1 b

I won't start with once upon a time, it isn't a fantasy but I was walking through a forest, it was such a beautiful day. I can see it all from up here in heaven, the oceans, the forest, sometimes snippets from the future. My sister Rachael needed picking up from nursery so I cut through the forest, I followed the trail, heard the songs of birds, the usual.
  It was winter so it got dark fast, I heard some rustling and then he popped out, one of my neighbours, my mum thought he was gorgeous, such a gentleman, but if I can remember he pulled out a knife, and stabbed me in the head. My body was recovered the next day and that was when my soul went to heaven.
  Heaven seemed so perfect though it was not , I wanted to be with the people I loved on Earth

Jenny Jones
7th May 2008

The End

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