The eight Children

as eight untimely deaths of teenagers happens in the same way, they watch from heaven, seeing all of their family and friends grow up and start their own family and do things they never quite got to do, but they are determined to catch the killer and heaven is not always what everyone expects it to be.

part 1 a

I had never given death a lot of thought, I was always too busy with my seven friends, neither did I expect to die young. I always imagined my death in bed when I was a eighty year old lady. My death Was a tragedy to all my family members. I saw my funeral, the amount of tears. I could not deny that even I was sad at my own funeral. The speech my parents had written about me.
  Heaven was not how I pictured it, but it was a lot like my original home, the only difference was...There was no one there to be with me, no one to hug me, or put my head in their arms when I was sad.
  I died by being stabbed. It was a man who was an aquaintance, I didn't really know him, but we got on, we were like two new neighbours, we started to get better and better and then he killed me, I haven't a clue why, so there's no point in asking the question, but this is how the story went.

The End

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