Once upon a time there stood a giant egg factory in Snodgrass way Ilford.
Every person who worked here had to be in by 9.45 every morning otherwise he would be sent to prison.

10, 5745 eggs were manufactured every day .
when ready the eggs would be given to chickens who would then lay them.

when a chick hatched out he had to have a bath otherwise he would melt.
after he had a bath a newly hatched chick would be put to bed.
When he got up in the morning the chick returned to the egg he hatched out of.

Every chick was born without a head, so he had to have one specially made inside a chicken's head factory.

When the chick was fitted with a head he had to look after it because a head costs a lot of money.

for chickens who needed two or more heads a special machine was used.
The chicken had to be put into the machine.
then it was fitted with two heads or more if it needed them.

By the time a chicken was three months old it went to school.

Lessons included, how to lay eggs the proper way, and the warning that if a chicken ate eggs it would turn into an elephant.

The End

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