I guess it was my own fault really. People always talk about 'fate' and 'destiny' but really, we control our own lives, and the choices we make define where we end up. So I chose to tell the boy that code, and I chose to leave the mall alone, through the quiet side door, and that changed my whole course in life.

I stepped outside. At first the sun blinded me and I raised a hand to sheild my eyes. I caught a glimpse of a dusty black van, before I felt a searing pain in my other arms, and I was thrown to a ground, crushed under a great mass. It all hapened to suddenly and there was so much confusion, I had no idea what was going on. I heard my own strangled scream, and there was a great snapping and snarling, and maybe something ripping. I was dragged some distance, across the tarmac, and then dropped for a moment or two. My head hurt and my eyes were blurring. I could vaguely see several large shapes, moving quickly and roughly, maybe fighting. Next second I was being dragged again in the opposite direction, and then suddenly I was on something much softer and warmer. I instinctivly held on as it began to move beneath me; in my groggy state, I didn't know any better. There was a great lurch, and a slam, and I was plunged into darkness. There was a dull rumble, and with a soft groan I slipped out of consciousness.

I opened my eyes and breathed in. The smell was familliar. I sat up and let out a choked little groan. The pain in my head exploded and I reached up to press my fist against it. My arm brushed my cheek, and it was damp and warm. I rested my arm in my lap and looked down at it. It was drenched with glistening, deep red blood. The sleeve of my cardigan was torn and sticking to my skin. I gently touched it, and gasped in agony. The floor was cold and hard, but I curled up anyway and drifted back into an uneasy sleep.

The End

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