The 'Mall'

"I love smoothies," said Claire. I nodded absent mindedly. I was looking over her shoulder. The was a boy on a laptop, facing away from us, but I could see the screen. I could see he was trying to work out the code for something. Every few seconds, a little box would pop up; Acces Denied. I registered each number he typed in, silently working out the code in my head. After five minutes, of numbers whirring through my head, filtering into 'positives' and 'negatives' until I eliminated all the number but four.

"It's 2514," I said without realising it. I jumped a little in surprise as my own voicce popped out of my mouth.

"What?" said Anna, confusing showing across her face. I looked at her, but out of the cornere of my eye, I saw the boy turn half around. I looked back at him.

"The, uh, code," I said to him "It's 2514." He looked at me in disbelief, but turned around and typed the numbers in.

Code Approved

"Thanks," he said, and a new window opened up, and he continued typing. My friends stared at me in dibelief.

"Silver!" Claire hissed at me, "I think you just help that guy hack into some system."

I frowned.

"No, " I said, unceretainly, "No, no way. It was probably just some... program, or something."

But in my head, I began to realise what I could have done. What if i'd helped someone hack into th governement, or the defense system or something?

"I'm just going to redo my make up," I said, standing up. Claire and Anna stood up too, "No it's okay, you two stay and order me another smoothie."

I hurried away from the table, not strutting, just rushing to get outside. I hoped my friends wouln't mind my sudden disappearence. I shoved open the door. In that spilt second, as the light flooded over me and i breathed in the fresh air, my life changed. If i had known then that in just seconds i would feel my first wave of real terror, and confusion and burning pain, I would have turned and ran back to my friends, and finished my cold cmoothie. But I didn't know, so I stepped outside, completley unaware of the danger I was putting myself in.

The End

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