The Edge of the World

Silver owns the school. Students copy her every move, or hide in the shadow of her power, teachers bend every rule for her, and the whole world seems to kneel at her feet. But suddenly, she finds herself thrown into a world she never knew it existed, where money doesn't buy respect and where power takes a whole new meaning.

Someone once said to me 'We can't write in straight lines on blank paper'. I accepted this, without question. As a child, that's all I could do. But one day, I took a piece of balnk paper, and wrote in a perfectly straight line. This baffled me. Hadn't soeone just told me such a feat was impossible? In fact it baffled me so much that I dismissed it, and forgot about it until this very moment. Several years later, and about two years ago from now, the same person said to me, 'It is people's actions define them as good or bad.' This time, being older and more intelligent, I mulled this over. However, I found no reason to doubt this so in the end, I was forced to accept it as well. But now, two years later, my world has changed, and I've come to realise that people's actions don't define them as good or bad. It's the perspective from which we see these actions that cause us to define others as good or bad.

The End

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